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Selected achievements


Our clientele are frequently people of public interest and/or are in sensitive political positions. Privacy and confidentiality is as important to them as to us. In most cases we do not disclose client information, which is often proprietary and subject to non-disclosure agreements or covered by lawyer-client privilege. The following selected cases provide an example of Faris’ achievements:​


  • Negotiated and secured $150 million contracts for several different Western defence suppliers to the Gulf;

  • Prevented the loss of more than an estimated $1 billion to the European consumer products industry to the Gulf and enabled re-entry into a closed market;

  • Brokered with European government to secure $2.6 million Saudi Arabian real estate investment in prestigious European capital, creating hundreds of jobs and increased revenues for the city;

  • Introduced and brokered a $55 million contract for fibre-optical sensor installation, into a landmark real estate development project in the United Arab Emirates;

  • Fast-tracked meetings and directly bypassed channels to secure critical meetings for US presidential family member with key Saudi royals when traditional protocols failed;

  • Currently negotiating first-ever Saudi investment of $20 million into a major Hollywood motion picture;

  • Routinely facilitate top-tier media access to Saudi royal family members and key diplomats and officials

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