About Faris Strategical Political Management

Faris Strategical Political Management provides clients with access and results stemming from a unique understanding of the requirements of the Middle East. Our team leverages knowledge, experience, and a network of influential contacts to inform, strategize, design, and implement projects on behalf of clients seeking to assess risk, resolve existing issues and explore new opportunities.



Tanya Cariina Newbury-Smith, President, UK & Riyadh

Contact: vp@farisspm.com



Nasim Chowdhury - Strategy, Riyadh & Mekka

Contact: strategy@farisspm.com

Annika KropfResearch, Vienna

Contact: research@farisspm.com

Alta Schwarz -  Knowledge, Atlanta

Contact: knowledge@farisspm.com


+44 (0)771 716 8277 (UK) or +966 508 940 708​ (Saudi)

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