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Tanya Cariina serves as President. For over 20 years, she has had a distinguished career advising government officials, private companies and organisations around the world on a variety of interlinked foreign policy issues pertaining to Middle Eastern-Western relations. Her specialities include current and historical policy, paradiplomacy and cultural relations specific to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Access to internal knowledge and information within the Kingdom is very difficult to secure. In contrast to other Saudi consultants, years of trust-building relationships from living in the kingdom’s capital, Riyadh, provide her significant networking leverage to communicate at all political levels, and particularly those in key government and corporate positions. Having studied Islamic History at Oxford University, and Diplomacy in International Relations at the University of Buckingham (MA with Distinction: Historiography of Arab Diplomacy), she remains an expert in the intermingling of history, policy development, and the art of diplomatic negotiations in the Arab world. Tanya divides her time between Saudi Arabia and England.  


Tanya Cariina Newbury-Smith

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