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Nasim Chowdhury

Nasim Chowdhury is Director of Strategy at FarisSPM. He has lived in Makkah, Saudi Arabia for over a decade and worked there in the fields of communication, media, education, technology, research, strategy and planning. He serves as Director of Strategy. A deep interest in technology and commerce combined with a cultural and religious understanding of the Middle East has enabled him to work in the planning, development and execution stages of numerous developmental, educational and political projects both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. He has conducted research in the fields of Islamic charity and charities, Gulf politics, trade and commerce, modern media and Islamic groups and movements, some of which are published.  Chowdhury studied Computer Science with Management at King's College, London and attained a diploma in Arabic and Islamic studies at Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah.

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