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Alta Schwarz

Alta Schwartz is Chief Knowledge Officer of FarisSPM. She has over fifteen years of experience with nonprofit organizations, soft diplomacy, and higher education specializing in the Middle East. Her experience covers the United States, parts of Europe and the Middle East. She has successfully designed, initiated, implemented, and managed programs for NGOs, universities and other educational establishments. A desire for understanding diversity and implementing practical solutions across cultural divides prompted her to study Near Eastern Studies and Spanish with a minor in Hebrew at the Emory University, followed by graduate work in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management at Georgia State University. Her educational background, cultural expertise and negotiation and language skills combined with her knowledge of human nature and organizational behavior has placed her in an ideal position to construct and execute projects in her varied fields with people from very diverse backgrounds. A keen desire to respect and form a deep understanding of other cultures is a critical factor in her success in interfaith and multicultural dialogue.

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